Postman Collection

The Postman collection is a work in progress. It contains all requests, but some may lack descriptions or pre-set parameters.

This documentation is available as a Postman collection.

Use the link below to open collection source:

Setup collection in Postman

  1. If you don’t have a workspace, create one.

    Create Workspace in Postman
  2. In your workspace, click the import button:

    Import Collection in Postman
    • Raw

    • Local file

    Copy the collection source. Paste the copied file into the text field:

    postman import new

    Drop a file into the dialog window or press the Select files button and select the .json file with the collection.

    Import collection as file
  3. After importing the collection, click on the collection folder to set the necessary variables:

    Set folder variables


This collection uses the Token Authentication. You should specify your token in the api-token variable.

You can generate this token either with SAYMON UI or with the Create Authentication Token request in the imported collection itself.

To generate the token in Postman follow these steps:

  • Setup saymonHostname, username, and password variables.

  • Open the SAYMON REST API/Authentication/Authentication Token/Create Authentication Token and click the Send button to send the Create Authentication Token request.

  • Set the api-token collection variable to the authentication token, returned in the response. Don’t include the quotation marks.