This section describes REST methods, data models that they use, as well as a general information about SAYMON that you need to know to work with the system via REST API.

Methods are divided into groups, such as Authentication, Objects, etc. Each group has a description of use cases for its methods. An article covering a particular API method consists of:

  • method verb (GET, POST, etc);

  • method URL (for example node/api/users/session);

  • method description;

  • method permissions;

  • request parameters;

  • response description.

Also, each article contains request examples in Bash, JavaScript, NodeJS, and Python. To make requests, Bash scripts use cURL, the examples in JavaScript, NodeJS, and Python use the http, fetch, and request libraries respectively.

The code samples are implemented to be as self-contained as possible. The only parameters you need to provide to make them work are your login credentials and a SAYMON hostname. Some examples require you to provide additional parameters (such as object or user ID).