The SAYMON API is implemented as a RESTful service. It uses standard HTTP methods for requests and returns responses in the JSON format. The API allows you to perform the same operations as you can do using a web interface (referred to as SAYMON UI). For example, you can get objects' current states and their state history, write data to objects without using agents, work with incidents, create classes, etc.

Documentation Structure

This documentation contains a list of all methods available in SAYMON REST API, a description of Socket.IO events, and a cookbook that contains practical examples of solving common tasks with SAYMON API.

How to use this documentation

A recommended way to use this documentation is to read about methods' permissions first, then learn Authentication schemes, and after that read articles about particular API methods and their applications.

A convenient way to find a required API method is to use Search in the upper-right corner of this page.

Also, you might find useful an article about response errors. The article contains a description of errors you may encounter while making requests and possible ways to address these errors.