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Stat Metadata

Stat metadata contains headers with the information about the object and the agent, and payload with metadata for each of the object's stat.

The returned metadata depends on who updated the stat metadata last — the agent or the user with the Set Object's Stat Metadata request. If you set object's metadata with the this request, the metadata would lack agent-related fields in the header and the payload would contain only those stats whose metadata was set in that request. If the agents updates the stats later, the metadata would show all fields related to the agent and all stats again.


The metadata headers contain the following fields:

Parameter Type Description
entityId String The ID of an object whose metadata was retrieved.
entityType String The type of an entity whose metadata was retrieved. For an object, this value is obj; for a link this value is link.
taskType String The probe type. See the Monitoring and checks settings - probes section on the SAYMON wiki for more information. Agent only
period Integer The period between executing the monitoring processes (in milliseconds). Agent only
timestamp Integer Timestamp of when the agent started performing the selected monitoring process. Agent only
agentId String The ID of the agent. Agent only
agentVersion String The version of the agent. Agent only
agentBuild String The build number of the agent. Agent only


A metadata for a stat field may contain the following information:

  • type — stat's data type. Possible values:
    • STRING
    • ID
    • BINARY
    • LIST
  • changeRate — frequency of data change. Possible values:
    • ALWAYS — the data changes after every measurement.
    • SOMETIMES — the data changes from time to time, consecutive measurements will often show equal results.
    • NEVER — the data either never changes or change probability is negligible.