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The Class Model

Field Type Description
category_id String Class's category ID. The field is used to group child objects. Child objects belonging to a class with the same category ID will be displayed on a parent object icon together. Child objects of classes with different category ID will be separated by a line.
client_data String Class's client data. See a more detailed description below.
description String Class's description
id String Class's ID.



Class's name.
operations Array<Operation> An array of class's operations.
properties Array<Property> An array of class's properties.

Client data

Client data is a set of fields that correspond to various class's UI settings. The fields are specified in the JSON format and stored on a server as a string. The table below contains a description of all fields from the set:

Field Type Description
background String The ID of an image used as a class background.
columns Array<ClassColumn> An array of class's columns.
default_view String Class's default view. Available options: standard, geo-view, end-view, table-view, grid-view.
defaultDim Array<Integer> A default dimension of objects belonging to this class. Should be specified as an array of two integers, where the first one corresponds to width, the second one to height.

Class Column

Field Type Description
hidden Boolean Whether to hide the column.
id String The ID of a class column.
name String The name of a class column.
removable Boolean Whether it's possible to remove the column.
type String The type of a class column.