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State History

State history is an array of states that the entity has been in.

State History Model

Each state history entry has the following fields:

Field Type Description
id String ID of the history entry.
stateId String ID of entity's state.
timestamp Integer Timestamp of the entity's state change.
comment String User-made comment on the state change.
commentTimestamp String Timestamp of the comment.
reason Object Condition that caused the state change. See Reason section for more information.
reason.code Integer The condition that caused the state change. See the Reason Codes section for a list of all reason codes.
reason.text String The reason for the manual state change. String The ID of the user that caused the state change. Object Additional information about the state change condition. String The class of exception that caused the state change String Exception message.
reason.rootCause String Root-cause transition information. See the Root cause section.
reason.branch Object Condition that triggered the incident. See the Branch section for more information.