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Server Configuration

Server configuration allows a user with manage-configuration permissions to overwrite some Server options.

Common settings

Field Type Description
retain_expired_stat Boolean Whether to store the latest received data after its obsolescence. The default is false
history_update_period Integer History data recording period (in milliseconds). 0 - immediate recording incoming values. The default is 60000 (1 minute).
state_map_update_period Integer The period of state map reloading from cache or database.
active_keys_expire_check_period Integer The period of active key expiry checking. If a given stat key wasn't updated for a period longer than specified in this field, the server marks this key as passive. It then goes through a passive stat scanning.
stat_scan_period Integer Validation period of incoming data expiration (in milliseconds). The default is 3000 (3 seconds).
event_log_max_bytes String Event Log size at which the data is rotated (in bytes). The default is "1 G" (1 gigabyte).
default_result_timeout Integer Time after which the condition No data on object is triggered since object creation or obtaining the last data (in milliseconds).The default is 120000 (2 minutes).
incident_timeout Integer Transition time of an incident from the active incidents list to the incident history list after clearing the incident. The default is 120000 (2 minutes).
email Object Email server settings. See Email settings section for more information.
user Object User settings. See User settings for more information.

Email settings

Field Type Description
disabled Boolean Whether to disable the email notifications. The default is true.
transport Object Post server settings.
transport.service String Service kit, embedded in the connector. When using it sets host, port, secure automatically. Default is "Gmail".
transport.auth Object User's credentials.
transport.auth.user String User's login.
transport.auth.pass String User's password.
fields Object Information about the sender.
fields.from String Sender's email address
max_json_length Integer Size limit of notification emails (in symbols). The default is 1000 symbols.

User settings

Field Type Description
new_user_access String Objects that are available to the new users and user groups. all is access to all objects, not is access to no objects. The default is all.