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Password Policy

Password policy is a requirement for users' passwords.


Currently, SAYMON doesn't use additional password policies. Requests that handle passwords (for example, Change User's Password) will test the new password against the default password policy.

Password Policy Model

Field Type Description
id String ID of the password policy.
name String Name of the password policy.
length Integer Minimum number of characters.
minLowercase Integer Minimum number of lowercase characters.
minCapital Integer Minimum number of capital characters.
minDigits Integer Minimum number of digits.
minSpecial Integer Minimum number of special characters. Special characters are all characters other than letters and digits.
changePasswordOnFirstLogin Boolean Whether to require a password change on the next login.
passwordLifetime Integer Time it takes for the password to expire.
passwordExpiredNotificationPeriod Integer Period of time before the password expiration, when the user is notified that their password is about to be expired.
uniquePasswordsNumber Integer The number of unique passwords, after which a user is allowed to set previously used password.