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Event Log

The event log contains an array of SNMP traps and MQTT messages sent by entities.

The Event Log page in the web interface also includes the State History view.

Each event log entry contains the following fields:

Event log model

Field Type Description
_id String Entry ID
agentId String The ID of the agent that generated the event.
entity Object Entity that generated the event.
entity.entityId String The ID of the entity.
entity.entityName String The name of the entity.
entity.entityType Integer The type of the entity. See the Entity Types article for more information.
payload Object Event information. See the Payload section for more information.
timestamp Integer The timestamp of the event.
type Integer Message type. 1 for SNMP Trap, 2 for MQTT message.
skip Integer The index of the entry in the current log.
level Integer Severity of the event. See the Event Levels for a list of event levels.

Event levels

Event Level Description
0 Clear
1 Minor
2 Major
3 Critical


Payload depends on the type of the log entry.


Field Type Description
trapOid String OID of a generic SNMP trap.
enterpriseOid String OID of an enterprise-specific SNMP trap.
senderAddress String IP address of the sender.
agentAddress String IP address of the agent.
genericTrap Integer SNMP trap generic type.
specificTrap Integer SNMP trap specific type.
bindings String JSON encoded key-value pair trap variable bindings.
text String The text of the received SNMP Trap.
    "payload": {
        "senderAddress": "",
        "enterpriseOid": ".",
        "agentAddress": "",
        "genericTrap": 1,
        "specificTrap": 1,
        "bindings": "{\".\":\"\\\"TEST TEST\\\"\"}",
        "trapOid": ".",
        "text": "\"TEST TEST\""

MQTT message

Field Type Description
topic String MQTT message topic.
message String MQTT message text