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Client Configuration

Field Type Description
title String Brand title.
comet Object Comet configuration.
comet.port Integer Comet port.
pollIntervalSocket Integer Model data poll interval when Web Socket is available.
pollInterval Integer Model data poll interval when Web Socket isn't available.
geoMap Object Geo map configuration.
geoMap.serverName String Geo server name. Default is .
geoMap.initialPosition Array<Integer> Initial geoposition to use on the map in form [longitude, latitude].
geoMap.initialZoom Integer Initial map zoom.
regionColor Object JSON object that contains colors for history graph regions in the following format – "1": rgba(206, 134, 247, 0.1).
forceEmptyStandardView Array<Integer> Classes for which to enter Standard view even if an object is empty.
history Object History-related options.
history.slider Boolean Whether to enable graph slider.
history.downsampling Array Default chart downsampling parameters.
history.modelChangeAnnotations Boolean Whether to enable graph model change annotations.
grid Object Object grid settings.
grid.dim Integer Grid size (in pixels).
grid.color Color Grid color in the RGBA format. Example – rgba(128, 128, 128, 0.3).
grid.border Integer Maximum indent between objects and grid border (in pixels).
millisecondMonitoring Boolean Whether a user can set a millisecond monitoring period.
canEditObjectStyle Boolean Whether a user can change CSS styles of the object.
agentInstallerUrl URL for downloading agent installer script.
collapseSections Boolean Collapse section in end-view and info-modal.
enableSmsTrigger Boolean Enable SMS notifications.
enableVoiceCallTrigger Boolean Enable Voice Call notifications.
enableConditionalIncidents Boolean Enable incidents triggered by custom incident conditions.
enableAnalytics Boolean Enables state conditions (splash, predict) that require started the analytics module.
enableExtensions Boolean Enables extensions button in user menu.
languages Object Available languages.
languages.<id>.short Object Two letter language code.
languages.<id>.long Object Language name.
defaultClassImage Object Default object images for classes.
defaultClassImage.<class_id>.img String Path to the image on the server.
defaultClassImage.<class_id>.dim Array<Integer> Size of the image (in pixels, [width, height]).
defaultPieChartColors Array<String> Default pie chart color set. Values are represented as HEX colors, for example – #9868B8
disabledSections Array<String> Names of the sections to disable.
defaultEmbeddableLink Object Default embeddable-widgets link URL and name.
defaultEmbeddableLink.url String Link URL. String Link Name.
mediaUrlFields Array<String> Fields in state history data that are interpretation as links and are shown under data in history table.
hideConnectionStatusNotifications Boolean Whether to hide connection status notifications.
hideResponseErrorNotifications Boolean Whether to hide response error notifications.
themes Object Theme configuration. The Light theme is used by default. CSS files with the themes are located in the directory $SAYMON_ROOT/target/client/css.
themes.<id>.name String Name of the theme.
documentation Object Object that contains a set of links to different parts of documentation. Each link is represented by an object that contains URLs for documentation in different languages. Link to each version is stored in the variable named as the two letter language code.
documentation.main Object Set of links to the main documentation. Default is
documentation.notificationTemplates Object Set of links to the description of notification templates. Default is
documentation.restApi Object A link to this documentation.
contactEmail String Contact e-mail.
authEnabled Boolean Enable registration.
gridView Object Grid view settings.
gridView.cols Integer An amount of columns in the grid. Set to 0 if you want to use colWidth value.
gridView.colWidth Integer Width of the column. Is ignored if cols > 0
gridView.rowHeight Integer Height of objects (in pixels).
gridView.gutterSize Integer Indent between objects (in pixels).
monitoring Object Monitoring settings.
monitoring.standardTasks Array<String> The array of identifiers of the displayed standard probes.
enableSnmpTranslate Boolean Enable SNMP translate.
tree Object Object tree settings.
tree.filterSubmit Boolean Apply filter after submit only.
useNaturalSort Boolean Use external JavaScript library for natural sort.
incidents Object Incidents configuration.
incidents.additionalFields Array<String> Data sources for the additional fields.
incidents.additionalFieldNames Array<String> Names of the additional fields, which are displayed in the web interface.
authentication Object Authentication settings.
authentication.availableMethods Array<String> Array of available authentication methods. Possible values are native and keycloak.
authentication.methodByDefault String Default authentication methods. native if not set. String Default authentication methods. native if not set. String Default authentication methods. native if not set. String URI of the keycloak.json configuration file. Boolean Whether to support old Keycloak versions.